Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jang ki Asha, Aman ki Koshish

I am not opposed to the idea of peace talks between India and Pakistan but I like to be a realist. This year’s first day began with flamboyant ads in the Times of India in tie-up with Pakistan’s Jang Group with hopeful statements that there could be a day when Love, Pakistan and India could all figure in one line…Surprising! It surely was for me and many others who aren’t very positive about a possible reconciliation between the hostile neighbours.

The foreign secretaries of both sides are meeting on February 25, amid Pakistan’s alleged links in the recent Pune blast at the German Bakery that killed more than a dozen people, including some foreigners. This meeting holds special significance as it’s the first time since the Mumbai carnage that leaders from India and Pakistan will carry on the peace process, stalled in wake of the November 2008 terror attacks.

India’s focus will be cross border terrorism, rising infiltrations and the status of 26/11 proceedings. The abduction and beheading of two Sikh youths in Pakistan’s tribal areas, just a few days ago, is also likely to figure in the talks. The National Investigation Agency’s (NIA’s) report on increased Pakistani military establishments near the LoC would give further impetus to India’s case against the neighbour. Though, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has condemned the attacks on Sikh minorities and kidnapping of a Hindu man, Robin Singh, mere words will not do. The Pakistani leadership has to assure India that it will take actionable steps to dismantle all terrorist infrastructure from its soil and that none of its ministers, army men or investigative agency are patronizing with the Taliban or any other non-actor.

Pakistan, as reported by some media reports, is indulging in river politics over the supply of water under the Indus Waters Treaty signed in September 1960, and may try its best to divert India’s attention from ‘terrorism’. The Kashmir issue so far has been Pakistan’s major concern during talks with India. Indian government has said it will approach the meeting with an ‘open mind’ but limited expectations.

However low the expectations may be, it’s important to talk. And talks should be followed with actions… real actions… because actions speak louder than words. Taliban never talk, they act. The Pune blast on February 13 came exactly a day after Pakistan officially accepted India’s offer to talk on 25th. Their motive was clear. The Taliban wants to derail any peace initiative between the two countries.

But what the Pakistani leadership has in mind is full of ambiguities. On one hand, Pakistan appreciates India’s offer of talks, on the other hand its military violates the ceasefire agreement and launches rockets in border villages. One day there are Television footages of 26/11 accused Hafiz Saeed participating in a political rally, the other day the Pakistani President condemns the attacks on Pakistani Sikhs vowing to protect all minorities in the country.

According to an official statement, India agreed to continue the peace talks after it was convinced that Pakistan had taken some steps to address terrorist groups mushrooming on its soil. It was only in 2009, that Pakistani Army launched an offensive against Taliban in North Waziristan, under pressure from its old ally, the US. Since then, the bloodbath hasn’t stopped. A series of bomb blasts have killed thousands in the neighbourhood. But the violence is creeping through the borders and reaching the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir. Three army men, including a captain, have been killed in a gun battle with militants in Sopore, Srinagar on Tuesday. A civilian too was hit by a stray bullet. This was a grim reminder of the militant attack in Lal Chowk early this year, surfacing the wounds of J&K afresh, which was coming back to normalcy after no such incidence was reported for almost a year.

India should not budge at any cost from its stand on terror with Pakistan and make sure it comes out with satisfying results from the meeting. Pakistan too should move a step further and take action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, now that it has officially confirmed that the 26/11 siege was designed at the Pakistani soil, according to its dossier handed over to India. The latest reports on FBI sharing information with India on mastermind David Headley could also be a breakthrough in the investigations so far.

Even as India’s Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao gears up to meet her Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir on Thursday, teams from India and Pakistan will face each other in the Hockey World Cup to be held in the capital beginning February 28.

If both sides meet with an open mind and an open heart, there could be some Aman ki Asha (Hope for peace) among the two nations.


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